Tarangire Day 2 - Monday 1/21

It was just getting light but we were already awake listening to the cacophony of doves and other birds. Jambo-jambo came at 6:30 as usual. At seven, following the ritual hand washing with warm soapy water and a boiled water rinse, breakfast consisted of ugali or oatmeal with fruit, sausage and eggs and a generous cup of tea.

We then climbed into the Land Rovers, 4 or 5 to a vehicle, and headed east toward the "Siale Swamp," a place east of the Tarangire river where the land drains into a broad wetlands. We passed Tarangire Hill - beautifully green with Acacias on its slopes and baobabs around the base to the north making a gateway for the road. The thick stout trunks and full crowns of the baobabs contrast sharply with the slender, sparse acacias. Long white fruit hangs sporadically from the sausage trees.

In the air are vultures, eagles, and the occasional Ground Hornbill, possiblly the ugliest bird in Africa. Not as many gazelles today but more giraffes and finally a lone lioness hunting near the Siale. Lots of small and large birds long the way and a young male elephant dusting himself with the red earth. Baby elephants stayed close to relatives and mother, mostly in an apparent attempt to avoid the intens midday sun.

After dinner we viewed the nearly full moon overhead and the bright star Canopus in the south.

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